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How to make a new ringtone on your Android

Andrew: A ringtone is a sound or beep that your phone makes to notify you of an incoming call or SMS. They can be simple MIDI tunes or polyphonic, more complex, and often play multiple notes at once. You can find and download your favorite ringtones on sonnerie. How to make a new ringtone on your Android device The fastest way to create a new ringtone is to take an existing music file and place it in the 'Ringtones' folder on your Android. Once in that folder, you can set it as your ringtone by going to Settings > Sound & vibration > Phone ringtone and selecting the song. If you want to create a new one from scratch, there are several ways to do it. You can use a file manager app on your device to add sounds, or you can upload audio from your computer. Another way to do it is to use an online ringtone maker. Usually, they are free to download, and they allow you to record tunes or custom voice messages. You can then use them as default or contact ringtones, or as SMS or alarm tones. Ringtones are melodious sounds that mobile phones make to notify you of an incoming call or text message. Usually, they are simple MIDI tunes, but as phones become more complex, polyphonic ringtones are becoming more common and can be more complex than their monophonic counterparts. There are thousands of free ringtones to choose from, from rap music to today's hits, Harry Potter to Metallica, military ringtones to cute kids ringtones. Some can even download therapeutic tunes that can help heal certain diseases or conditions.

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